Novacel Performance Coatings has refined the expertise of coating papers and films through the development, production, and sales of specialty coated products over the past 100+ years. With the capability to coat both water-based and solvent systems at widths up to 68 inches, our expertise lies in, but is not limited to, specialty release papers, films for heat transfer label printing and casting papers for vinyl films. We also offer a diverse portfolio of adhesive coated papers for the printing, labelling, and packaging markets.

Our Capabilities Include:

  • Onsite Mixing and Compounding (Solvent + Water-based)
  • Slot Die Coating
  • Gravure (Direct and Reverse) Coating
  • Meyer Rod Coating
  • Pattern / Zone Coating
  • Inline Flexographic Printing
  • Roll Slitting
  • Precision Sheeting
  • Custom Packaging

Novacel Performance Coatings has extensive expertise in working with customers to develop specialty coatings and adhesives for specific, proprietary applications. We have a diverse and dedicated network of suppliers and partners through our robust supply chain that enable us to provide innovative solutions rapidly for our clients all around the world.

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