Adhesive Coated Solutions

Novacel Performance Coatings offers a diverse portfolio of adhesive coated papers utilized in the printing, packaging and construction industries. Our high performing adhesives include water-activated dry gum papers, cohesive, heat seal, and cloth base splicing tapes.

Our dry gum paper is the flattest, most dimensionally stable sheet on the market that can be used in any standard printing process for label converting. Our dry gum products will adhere to a variety of surfaces, which include: paper, printed papers, wood products, fabrics, corrugated cartons, glass, rubber, fiberboard, metals, high pressure laminates, hard plastics, and many others.

Our cohesive products are used in a variety of packaging applications as this adhesive only adheres to itself, which makes it ideal for small packaging, protecting furniture, and various other packaging applications.

When instantaneous activation is required, Novacel Performance Coatings has you covered with our heat seal papers. They require simultaneous heat and pressure at application, but function as a wrap-around label for banding yarn, shoelaces or eating utensils.  In addition, our heat seal papers may also be used to adhere to itself or any other paper substrate. This adhesive meets most bag-header requirements.

To help meet the durability and reliability requirements of the roofing industry, Novacel Performance Coatings developed a clay filled cloth tape coated with water-activated adhesive that is used primarily to connect or splice rolls of dry felt, which in turn are converted into roofing paper or asphalt shingles. These splicing tapes, once activated, provide a concrete bond that does not fail.

All of our adhesive products provide a more sustainable and environmentally friendly option than other traditional adhesive products such as pressure-sensitive adhesives (PSA), which typically require a silicone release liner to be discarded once used. 

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Troy Laminating and Coating renaming: new website!

In order to more closely align with our parent brand, Novacel, we are very excited to announce the rebranding of our business to Novacel Performance Coatings, Inc. Welcome to our new website!