Companies can only evolve if they operate in sync with their environment, and are able to integrate cultural, social and economic strategies when interacting with one another. It is on the basis of such conviction that Novacel Performance Coatings has enhanced its development since its inception back in 1914. Since its beginnings, Novacel Performance Coatings always chose to ensure its long-term success, through its manufacturing activities, while respecting its environment and its stakeholders. Thus, with its tradition of industrial excellence, Novacel Performance Coatings considers environmental challenges not as a threat, but as a fresh opportunity to enhance its resolve in the international culture.

Adapting to local cultures, and drawing on the formidable heritage and expertise specific to each region, Novacel Performance Coatings is keen to preserve such assets. Through an ongoing dialogue with its stakeholders, Novacel Performance Coatings is building its portfolio in close collaboration with the resources present in the regions where it operates. Respecting the environment throughout our production processes has become a real driver of competitiveness. 

Innovating and preserving, such are the goals of Novacel Performance Coatings in its sustainability efforts.

Oeko-Tex Label Standard 100

Novacel Performance Coatings (formerly Troy Laminating & Coating, Inc.) has obtained Oeko-Tex® certification Standard 100 for its Textile Heat Transfer products! This certification attests that our solutions do not contain any chemicals that are harmful to health or the environment. 

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Troy Laminating and Coating renaming: new website!

In order to more closely align with our parent brand, Novacel, we are very excited to announce the rebranding of our business to Novacel Performance Coatings, Inc. Welcome to our new website!